mike mcgowan is an oil painter out of los angeles, CA.  

mike attended CSUN in what seems like another life where he received a master's degree in art. mike's work has found its way into or onto hobart literary journal, the Nashville ReviewUCLA's the beat, Coffin Bell, Monkeybicycle, and various peoples' walls. mike is also a judge at the annual West Los Angeles VA art show.

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praise for mike's book:

"Essentially, a systematic review of must-read short stories" – Mike's therapist

"Inarguably profound, arguably the most profound"  – Coworker

"Like getting kicked in the junk, but in a good way. Does that make sense?" – Friend from rehab

"McGowan's prose will leave you weeping like a young mother, helpless on a flooded riverbank, her brood washing away in the summer monsoon" – School counselor 

"Mandatory bathroom reading" – Mindfulness coach

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